Since its creation in 2000, Companeo Groupe mission is to bring the best solutions to acquire new professional customers.


During several years, marketplace has expanded in Europe to become the European leader of professional quote requests and B2B leads generation. More than 10,000,000 qualified leads have benefited to 5,000 Agreed Suppliers from our different Companeo Marketplaces in Europe.


In 2013, we launched our affiliation platform Neoperf specialised in B2B leads. In 2014, Webikeo team brought to our group its webinars platform that allow our B2B customers to promote their products and services.

In 2018, COMPANEO joined the INFOPRO DIGITAL group to accelerate its growth strategy, based on the development of the best intermediation and BtoB lead generation solutions.

Our Values

Some Key Dates

  • 2016 Launch of UPTOBIZ,

    the startup accelerator dedicated to BtoB.

  • Acquisition of WEBIKEO, 2014

    the 1st French platform for the organization of Webinars.

  • 2013 Launch of NEOPERF,

    a 100 % BtoB affiliate network.

  • Launch of LEADS ACADEMY, 2012

    the first training cycle in lead management.

  • 2011 COMPANEO

    Companeo wins the prestigious European Business Award in its category.

  • 2010

    Arrival of the CETP fund from the Carlyle Group as a Companeo Group key shareholder.

  • 2009

    Launch of Companeo Solo, targeted emailing campaigns.

  • 2006

    International development with the opening of Companeo’s marketplaces in the Netherlands and the United Kingdom.


  • 2005

    Fund raising, mainly from Alven Capital.

  • 2004

    Launch of the first Companeo marketplace outside of France with a local offices in Belgium.


  • 2001

    Simultaneous launch of and the Companeo printed catalogue.



  • 2000

    July 2000: creation of Companeo in Neuilly-sur-Seine (France) during the new economy expansion and the explosion of the internet bubble.



International presence

Companeo Group has a presence in the main European markets: in France, in Belgium, Luxembourg, The United-Kingdom, Ireland, The Netherlands, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, …

A team of around forty people based in Brussels, London, Suresnes (France) and Lisbon takes care of the management and the development of Companeo Groupe’s international activities.

With its BtoB quote marketplaces, targeted emailing campaigns, affiliation campaigns… Companeo enables international or local BtoB publishers to develop their acquisition strategies in all these countries.

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