By joining Companeo, you’ll be choosing a professional and demanding company where formality in communications has been cut to a minimum, playing table football is strongly recommended as well as participating to afterwork events! Companeo was awarded the Great Place to Work France label in 2016 and 2017!

So do not hesitate any longer and come join our teams!

Roles andOpportunities

Karl TISAL SMB Sales Manager

Our sales team consists of Key account Sales representatives, Internal Sales representatives, the indispensable Sales Management team and the usual Operational Marketing team.
On their assigned market segments, Sales must convince companies to become a Companeo Agreed Supplier, build customer satisfaction and customer loyalty, and finally help these customers in the commercial challenges they are facing by introducing solutions from the Companeo range of products which can fit their needs.
The Sales Management team supports all Sales representatives in following up on contracts and interactions with the CRM.
The Operational Marketing team proposes and implements actions aimed at boosting sales.
Our Sales reps are proud (well they’re Sales, aren’t they?), noisy (well they’re Sales, aren’t they?), fight for their customers to the end (well they’re…) and celebrate their achievements… making noise, a lot of noise!

Mohamed KHODJA Europe Marketing & Key Accounts Representative Director

In the Customer Marketing Team, our mission is to support companies by generating qualified Leads, so that sales objectives can be reached.
We work together with our sales reps to provide flawless quality of service, on all levels.
Our Team consists of 5 B2B marketing experts, ready to do everything it takes to improve our customers’ skills, using among other techniques “Leads Academy”, our training program dedicated to Lead Management.

Denis RIOLS Europe Users Marketing Director

The mission of the marketing team is to help SME executives select the best suppliers to support and develop their business. Indeed, helping companies is Companeo’s mission, and the marketing team’s very reason to exist!
Marketing is there to help Companeo gain maximum exposure, and to inform SME executives on the advantages related to using our B2B platform.
Our marketers speak a strange language, full of bizarre words such as: mailing, SEM, newsletter, social management, digital native, responsive, crea, routing… they are creative (which extends to some dubious sneaker choices) speak several languages including Dutch (!) and are often the last to leave the (famous) Companeo evening parties.

Youenig THUAULT Europe Customer Support Director

Each company buyer who fills in a request for quote on Companeo becomes a user. He is called back by one of our Customer advisors. He benefits from the expertise of our teams to complete and detail his request so as to help him find the Agreed Supplier who will best answer his needs.
Customer Service is like a summer camp: you just go there as you are, and you learn the rest on the spot… It’s like the incubator for new talents within the company. Customer Service representatives often get the upper hand in foosball tournaments, are the youngest faces in the office, spend a little too much time on Snapchat and have a godforsaken sense of humour: you can hear jokes flying all day long in their offices!

Arnaud VALERY Product Director

Companeo is always looking to improve its know-how, especially concerning the backend and the frontend of its website. The mission of the Product team is to manage and oversee these evolutions while keeping both the frontend and backend consistent, ergonomic and efficient for the user. The Project team makes sure that there is a consistency between the demand of the internal clients and the project completion. The team also has some talents in SEO and Content Marketing.
The Product team is a bit of a melting-pot. There’s the project manager, the community manager, the SEO expert… you can barely imagine the conversations between all these professionals! They are our own polyglots. They can speak “marketing”, “devs”, “google”, “commercial”, and many other idioms…

Online Application

As a pure player on the internet, our websites are essential to our success. These websites were crafted by experts, driven people looking for the best solutions on a daily basis, so as to make them more fluid, more simple and more useful, pushing forward the business of our users and clients.
Don’t bother them at the end of the day when they are having a two-minute pizza break in the midst of a new release deployment. They’re not very sociable, wear strange T-Shirts, and have, let’s say, a distinctive humour! But we love them, and damn, are they good! Always at the leading edge of technology… and silly jokes!

Online Application


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