First day at BIBA

On the first day at BIBA, it was exciting to see thousands of people across the industry. We were really glad to see brokers who we have spoken to but never had a chance to meet face to face, what a wonderful feeling ‘when you put a face to a name’ and BIBA does exactly that.

We spoke to many small and big brokers about lead generation and New Business and most of them showed frustration regarding lack of time and resources in finding genuine leads from the haystack of their target population. At Companeo we are dedicated to saving 80% of prospecting time for our SME brokers, we understand that Broker’s time is very precious, hence we provide you with qualified and verified leads while you put your time and resources in closing the deal.

We do branded and non-branded campaign to attract UK SMEs who are looking for Commercial insurances on digital platforms, once they leave their details on our landing page our smart matching system filter them through and pass it to our call center who then, call the SMEs to verify them and send it to Broker’s CRM or on to Companeo’s Extranet, all in the timeframe of 3 minutes.

Opportunities, hackathon and Boris Johnson’s speech

Insurance Industry has become more competitive than ever and profits are harder to earn in this digital era, with a rise in M&A activities in Insurance Broker market Mid-size independent brokers have to fight a little harder for their market share.

After spending two days with Brokers we realised how a broker’s day to day life looks like, from negotiating with underwriters, keeping up to date with FCA regulation, dealing with credit agencies, tackling fraud, mastering Midterm Adjustments and chasing Renewal retention targets and hunting for new business, surely it goes beyond 8 hours a day.

We understand you and our presence at BIBA was a way of showing our commitment to improve your Lead Generation process and help you to use technologies to overcome the hurdles of time-consuming and long-winded prospecting tools.

Boris Johnson’s speech was indeed the highlight of the event and featured in all major media outlets but for me, HACKATHON was the one! Cannot wait to see more video about these amazing teams and their innovative Ideas.

If you missed to see us at BIBA, don’t worry Broker Expo is just a few months away!


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