A unique B2B behavioral database of over 3 million professional decision makers

Infopro Digital and Companeo will possess the highest-performing and most comprehensive B2B behavioral database on the market, comprised of over 3 million professional decision makers.

The connection of these two databases, Infopro Digital’s DMP, and the Big Data tools of the 2 groups will offer unparalleled perspectives to B2B professionals in France and in Europe. The combined database will help our clients for their direct marketing operations, lead detection, generating web traffic leads and marketing surveys.


Laurent Horwitz, co-founder and CEO of Companeo group: “By joining Infopro Digital, Companeo gains exceptional opportunities for the years to come, both for its teams and for its clients. The strength of Infopro Digital’s media brands, its technological capabilities, and the power of its database and of its digital solutions will allow us to innovate even faster. While B2B marketing is already witnessing unprecedented technological evolutions and growth, I am persuaded that this new alliance will allow the development of first-class solutions to help our B2B clients thrive.”

Infopro Digital’s product portfolio enriched by new, innovative B2B services

In addition to the Companeo.com marketplace, Companeo’s other services will also develop Infopro Digital’s product range.

Now the number one French platform for organizing online Webinars, Webikeo serves more than 500 clients that have organized more than 10,000 webinars, attended by close to 250,000 participants. The web-conference platform is a technology that will not only expand Infopro Digital’s offering, but also augment its capacities to provide a superior diffusion of information to its professional communities.

Neoperf, number one platform of B2B affiliation and the Leads Academy, a training organization for Leads management, will similarly become a new asset for Infopro Digital.


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