Testimonial: Fabien RIFFAUD - Business Analyst & Campaign Manager / Verisure by Securitas Direct

"The Neoperf network of publishers drives a steady flow of B2B prospects for Securitas Direct and Verisure. Innovating and optimized, the digital campaigns are piloted by rigorous and professional teams."

Affiliation A powerful acquisition tool in digital marketing

Neoperf, the leading b2b affiliation platform of Companeo Groupe, gives you access to its network of agreed publishers to create or convey your digital campaigns.

Our segmented “programmatic display” solution completes your B2B-targeted acquisition strategy.

Neoperf brings you:

– a network of tested and agreed B2B affiliates

– powerfull sales leads,  branding and acquisition campaigns

– an ROI-oriented strategy

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Affiliation In webmarketing

1 Acquisition:

Our affiliate platform gathers the best B2B partners: today, more than 800 publishers have been approved.

Tools such as emailing, marketplaces, display ads or promotional codes allow you to generate leads for your business development.

Every digital technique used by Neoperf is adapted to meet your needs and business model: CPL, for prospect acquisition, CPA for retail sales monetisation, CPM for visibility, CPC for qualified traffic.

2 Data:

With our behavioural data management solutions, you’ll always be targeting the key decision-maker, with respect to segmentation (business nature, headcount, job function), geography (area, Zip code) and/or proven behaviour (B2B data from the Companeo website).

3 Display:

Neoperf’s trading desk is a technological platform which optimizes supply and purchasing of display space and makes theses processes simpler, using tools such as RTB which displays the right message, at the right time, at the right price. Targeting tools allow you to create your campaign in a specific, personalized way. Millions of impressions on high-traffic websites will contribute to increase the visibility and popularity of your brand.

BtoB Affiliation A specific economic model


    A dedicated team

    A dedicated team is at your side to advise you and drive your brand image, traffic generation, lead generation or direct business development campaigns targeted at professionals (C-suite, craftspeople, professionals in private practice, local governments…).

  • 100% B2B NETWORK

    Valuable B2B data

    With our network of affiliates and agreed partners, enjoy our data on B2B professionals and use it to enrich your database and target your prospects.


    Budget control

    With our performance-based model, there are no surprises: your budget depends on the results achieved!

Key Figures

+ 400

B2B merchants since 2013

+ 6

Markets: France, Italy, Belgium, Great-Britain, the Netherlands, Spain

+ 800

Partners and affiliates

+ 1

In performance-base B2B acquisition

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